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There’s treasure everywhere

Trove Cannabis

And the good stuff’s inside Trove Cannabis.  Trove strives to bring the best Washington state offers for flower, concentrate, edibles and derivatives at competitive prices.   Comfortable atmosphere is a priority and the shop accomplishes this with a knowledgeable and friendly staff, not to mention giant swings and a pets welcome policy.  Let’s not forget wheelchair accessibility.  The tasteful décor of warm wood paneling and wheatgrass hint at nature and health.  How can they not, they’re in Bellingham!  Budtender education is an ever-evolving mission that starts with folks that have a passion for the plant, its benefits and the industry as a whole.  Trove ensures consistency with budtender guides and welcomes patron suggestions to further excellence in service.  Products are organized in logical fashion with an aim for clear and transparent display of essential information.

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Co-owner Stephen Reed attests to a two-year long dream that has ultimately come to fruition in his alma mater town of Bellingham and Western.  He’s thrilled to reunite with the community that he grew with as a student from a seven-year hiatus in accounting.  Having an affinity and being committed to his community translates to sourcing locally to the closest degree possible ensuring freshness and reinvesting in his surroundings.  Stephen and his partner Yin-Ho Lai are raising the standard and perception of the cannabis industry with responsible business practices and a legitimate desire to serve their community.  Enduring red tape and zoning hurdles from a competing recreational shop is testament to Trove’s struggle in realizing their vision.  Good things do not come without their caveats.  Trove has established itself as a premiere recreational cannabis shop in the Ham and we are proud to be represented in their selections and partnered with their values.

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