Touting carefully curated cannabis and customer service as a priority are prime numbers I want in my algorithm.  A calculated model and a host of cannabis goodies are waiting to meet greater than expectations.  Drop in to Ken’s shop to find out what he’s up to for and after class.  Psssst 420 Louie..

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Basic building blocks and strength and beauty in simplicity.  What can be said about Theorem is that their hearty values add up to a visit worthwhile if you’re in Kenmore.  It’s a family town with well-funded schools.  Being on the north side of Lake Washington’s a total bonus.

Theorem:  what’s to be accepted as truth because of supporting assumed truths.  The construction of a strong theorem is based on concrete premises.  To illustrate let’s utilize the Pythagorean Theorem, a² + b² = c².  The area of the two supporting sides of a right triangle will equal the total area of its hypotenuse.  

6323 NE Bothell Way, Kenmore, WA 98028


M - TH 930a - 10p  F - S 930a - 11p  Su 930a - 9p

Owner Ken Jones (funny cowinkydink) very much wants to represent his community and serve it in a responsible and conscientious manner.  Choosing to post up shop out of areas zoned where children frequent Ken wants to herald the legit in legitimacy for cannabis.  Promoting cannabis education through community gatherings, seminars, culinary classes and dedicated in store meet and greets to help demystify the smoke around pot is his formula.  

Believe it folks