​​​​​Ballard 4912 17th Ave NW Seattle, WA 98107


M - W 9a - 10p  TH - SA 9a - 1145p  S 9a - 10p

Touting community, culture and cannabis we’re proud to have Stash distribute for us with a like mind to support local business, a love for music and kind bud.  We’d like to extend an invitation to consume wisely.  Budtenders are available to advise based on their experiences and the collective mind of like individuals.  The cannabis community’s a friendly one so pick all the brains you can, share your stash with others and the same is guaranteed to make its way back round.  

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Ours is in Ballard and Lake City.  Definitely love the open showroom and tasteful décor.  Stash (pot shop) has a premium selection of cannabis | derivatives and wares for your pleasured consumption.  The heads at Stash work hard to ensure you walk out satisfied to your liking and come back for the friendly informative service.

Lake City 10333 Lake City Way NE Seattle WA 98125


M - W 9a - 10p  TH - SA 9a - 1145p  S 9a - 10p

Whether you’re out for a show or just kickin’ it at home, good music spurs good vibes and makes today’s campfire.  The thought makes me want to burn one right now.  Grab your stash, get on up and get in to it, we’ll seeya round the way!

Where’s your stash?

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