The specific fungi that relates to cannabis cultivation is saprobic fungi.  These are the decomposers of tough organic material that bacteria cannot breakdown.  They are a vanguard species and colonizers of soil.  The nature of soil being underground requires a working organism that thrives in dark and damp places.  Other things like bacteria and worms work in concert to aid in soil decomposition but fungi’s role is crucial in its ability to break down rocks and organic material like durable plant matter to create nutrient rich soil.  Hyphae or single strand fungi of mycelium bend or actually physically break down the rock by applying pressure and piercing it with its tips.  Following it extracts potassium and other useful mineral nutrients.  The remaining minerals make for the beginnings of good soil.  It uses enzymes to break down complex dying material (fats, carbs and proteins) into simple compounds (water, nitrates and CO2.)  The enzymes extract nitrogen, sulfur and phosphorus processing the complex compounds into useable ones.  The funny thing about saprobes are that they work externally and use the moist environment that fungi like to help transport the nutrients to fruit, mushrooms and or to its respective host\s.

And the good stuff’s inside Trove Cannabis.  Trove strives to bring the best Washington state offers for flower, concentrate, edibles and derivatives at competitive prices.   Comfortable atmosphere is a priority and the shop accomplishes this with a knowledgeable and friendly staff, not to mention giant swings and a pets welcome policy.  Let’s not forget wheelchair accessibility.  The tasteful décor of warm wood paneling and wheatgrass hint at nature and health.  How can they not, they’re in Bellingham!  Budtender education is an ever-evolving mission that starts with folks that have a passion for the plant, its benefits and the industry as a whole.  Trove ensures consistency with budtender guides and welcomes patron suggestions to further excellence in service.  Products are organized in logical fashion with an aim for clear and transparent display of essential information.

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The joint has been around since the advent of tobacco where it shared a smoking vessel in a mixture of the two.  The spliff would be more accurate.  The earliest recorded emergence came about in Mexico mid-19th century.  Mexican laborers were mixing marijuana with their tobacco cigarettes and smoked recreationally.  The story finds continuity along with manufactured rolling papers been present in Spain at the start of the 18th century.  Pay-Pay of Alcoy began exporting these papers at the time.  No doubt the trade perpetuated to Spanish-Mexican colonies and gave rise to the practice of smoking with rolling papers in the Americas.  Concurrently rolling papers were also being developed by the French and likely made its way to the northern part of the continent along with the Indies.  The first medical use of marijuana | nightshade cigarettes for asthma came about in the late 19th century advertised in Boston’s Medical Journal, Grimault’s Indian Cigarettes.  The 20th century is when the joint begins to gain some popularity.  The Rastas support ganja religiously in the Indies while jazz musicians in the States began sharing their jazz cigarettes.  The law hadn’t quite recognized reefer as a detriment at the time and with prohibition making alcohol difficult to enjoy freely marijuana gained in favor.  The 60’s ushered in the age of the hippie and boy did these folks smoke a lot of joints.  What exactly does all of this history culminate to you ask?  Well it sounds like the Spaniards had blunt while the Mexicans had weed and got together.  Mexican soldiers during the revolution would sing about the cockroach that wouldn’t walk without any marijuana referring to themselves endearingly and the term roach was conceived.  Rastafarians paved the way for Bob Marley’s signature baseball bat roll.  Jazz cats out of New Orleans began touring the country spreading their practice of smoking jazzy cigarettes.  Scooby Dooby be doing doobies with his hippie friends trying to achieve peace of mind.  

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This all joins for the joint, a convenient smoking vessel that consumes itself.  They’re easy to carry and conceal if needed as cigarettes.  They’re conducive to sharing yet versatile enough to be smoked alone.  It works better than a pipe in dodgy weather where once lit it should burn through to its useful end.  Pioneer joints start with Raw cones made in Spain, Alcoy and are hand packed with all flower.  Our joint selection is usually larger than our flower offerings at any given time.  We constantly conduct tests to ensure quality standards.

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Co-owner Stephen Reed attests to a two-year long dream that has ultimately come to fruition in his alma mater town of Bellingham and Western.  He’s thrilled to reunite with the community that he grew with as a student from a seven-year hiatus in accounting.  Having an affinity and being committed to his community translates to sourcing locally to the closest degree possible ensuring freshness and reinvesting in his surroundings.  Stephen and his partner Yin-Ho Lai are raising the standard and perception of the cannabis industry with responsible business practices and a legitimate desire to serve their community.  Enduring red tape and zoning hurdles from a competing recreational shop is testament to Trove’s struggle in realizing their vision.  Good things do not come without their caveats.  Trove has established itself as a premiere recreational cannabis shop in the Ham and we are proud to be represented in their selections and partnered with their values.

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updated March 13, 2017

We will be discussing the fun in fungi but also how seriously helpful fungus really is.  Fungi is fun because it plays a magical role in marijuana cultivation and on a larger scale carries the distinguished class of its own kingdom as a species.  It’s got its own kingdom! If that’s not enough to convince you fungus is a big deal you might as well stop reading.

Mycorrhizal fungus mates with a host organism in a symbiotic relationship and exchanges nitrogen compounds and mineral salts for sugars from its cannabis host.  They also increase the surface area and reach of the plant’s root mass thus optimizing water and nutrient absorption.  Additionally, they aid in maintaining soil PH by managing what they absorb mineral wise and manage the soil’s microbiology.  Mycorrhizae naturally ward off pathogens and insect predators with antibacterial and antiviral compounds inherent to itself.  The host is strengthened with more nutrient uptake and the fungi will compete with bad microbes and reinforces the host’s root system.  Certainly a lot to digest, ahem, but fungi truly does work in magical ways to the unseen eye.  So if a tree falls in the forest and you can't hear it, it's because fungi is swallowing it up so new things can grow in its place.

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