A balanced and diverse soil microbiology makes for an effective and versatile tea.  The more diversity the greater the ability to respond to plant need and concurrently improves resistance to pathogens.  Compost tea improves water and nutrient absorption, is safe, natural, promotes health and aids in the breakdown of toxins.

Bud’s Garage in Everett has been a long-standing partner with us and we are happy to share some of the favorite things we find about the Garage.  Not only is converting a garage into a pot shop genius but its natural association of commonplace to smoke your reefer reinforces the logic.  We have come a long way from hiding in the denizens of the garage, basement and other dark out of the way places to enjoy our dank.  Legalization is ushering in revisited mores and what it means to partake in the many benefits of the cannabis plant.  We can’t think of a better way than celebrating some of the nuances of a time-honored dark tradition that’s beginning to see light.  

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Quality compost rich in biology and diversity, vermicompost (compost processed by worms) and a fungal compost make for an ideal base to which food is added for good microbes to multiply.  Molasses, fish remains, kelp and alfalfa meal are among major ingredients that feed the microbiology.

​Nature by design is inherently sustainable and replicating stable plant habitat is one step closer to growing cannabis responsibly. 

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Bud’s Garage Band Concert Series is an ongoing campaign to book local bands at venues around Everett.  Artwork and promotional graphics are courtesy of Alex Vincini, a local Everett artist.  This month Steel Beans will be playing The Black Lab Gallery the 23rd.  We can’t say enough about the Garage’s dedication to the creative and Everett community.  We are proud to be partnered with folks that have a higher responsibility and consciousness for their environment and greater whole.

LeafLink has spent the last two years building a wholesale business to business order management system geared for cannabis.  In terms of recreational cannabis we are talking about a virtual, actually very real, marketplace and communication tool that connects producers and retailers in the i502 industry.  On the retailer side LeafLink’s service aims to minimize time between 20 – 50 vendors for any given purchasing manager.  The energy spent on order correspondence is dramatically reduced and provides additional tools to track, maintain history and reorder.  Buyers will have access to live menus 24/7 of over 50 producer | processors providing all available cannabis products including flower, concentrates, edibles, topicals and more.  As a purchasing manager you’ve got more time for diligence on the most fun part of your job- seek out the dankest products the industry has to offer for your shop.  The company hangs its hat on heavily vetting partners.  The producers | processors you’re working with are showing street credit with market share, leaders in the industry so to speak from all tiers.  You will be choosing from a solid pool of farms, extractors and kitchens.  The system was built with the range of scale that covers needs for a small shop to a chain store.  The software is free for retailers.  Put LeafLink in your back pocket and it’ll make you look like a buying Rockstar.

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On the producer side the software is automating sales, providing an inventory management infrastructure and giving your sales team a means to manage accounts more effectively.  Think of adding a sales and inventory R2D2 to your team.  Leaflink has taken its model | platform and established itself in Washington, Colorado and now Nevada, Oregon and California.  Leaflink’s growth into three new legalized states is proof positive that the platform works.  

If you’re a Washington Retailer already registered with LeafLink and would like to try or order from us you can reach our Live Menu from the LeafLink radio button in the upper right corner of our redirect navigation.  If you’re not registered you should give the system a gander, there’s no risk and you might just be making your life that much easier.​

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Donnie Staff, General Manager and cannabis patron, seeks to build a community around his business.  The lines of his recreational shop are blurred with some righteous pursuits of the arts:  food, fine and music.  You’ll find Bud’s hosting the occasional BBQ, The Black Lab Gallery showcasing contemporary painters and tending a dab bar on Sunday afternoons.  Donnie is a huge proponent of local music and promotes local bands doing their thing at Vesper, the Anchor Pub and local festivals like the Fisherman’s Village Music Festival.  Donnie goes right to the source before carrying a producer and takes the time to see where and how the products are made before sharing with you.  Again, returning to old school values where he’s informed and translates that diligence for your benefit.  True understanding of what is on your shelves offers superior recommendations for the experienced and new stoner alike.  Bud’s Garage brings relevant cannabis news to you with a Budtender driven monthly newsletter demystifying the uncertainties and questions about your marijuana needs.  Their first issue published this month focuses on terpenes and its benefits when found and paired with your maryjane.  Newsletters and excellent customer service are cues to Bud’s commitment to your overall experience and emersion into cannabis culture. Cannabis should contribute to a higher quality of life and that all starts with a reliable source you trust and hold dear.  Bud’s garage values and delivers just that and more- not just great bud but a warm and welcome community of like mind and spirit.  

Aerated compost teas may be used as a foliar for cannabis pathogen management.  Foliar sprays are a means to supply beneficial microbes that occupy the plant surface and protect it from bad microbes.  Bad microbes are the little nasties that promote disease and bacteria.  A compost tea is exactly what it sounds like, a brew of compost that extracts the biology of the soil into a liquid form which can then be sprayed directly onto plants.  The aerated bit is important to encourage the growth of aerobic microbes which are distinguished as good biology.  These beneficial microorganisms immediately establish themselves on the surface of the plant and compete with the bad microbes for the good of the plant planet.  The beneficial microbes sustain by feeding on the sugars, gas and carbohydrates that the plant excretes and processes that food | gas into micronutrients that the plant can use in a micro symbiotic relationship.  This is a naturally occurring relationship in healthy plant habitats.  The use of an aerated compost tea is a way to replicate these ideal habitats for happy plants.

​The use of compost tea is a great way to maintain plant health while providing a safe and natural way to suppress disease.