Have a Heart

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Have a Heart serves you downtown (Belltown,) about north Seattle (Greenwood and Fremont Gardens,) north Lake Washington (Bothell,) the south side (Skyway) and if you’re out on the base of the peninsula in Ocean Shores meeting all your cannabis needs.  Beginning with a single shop serving the medical community Have a Heart has faced hurdles like any small business in a budding industry.  Kunkel had to let go 80% of his workforce from his medical transition into recreational.  A medible restaurant | café concept that had to be put on the shelf until Washington’s cannabis laws allow for such a provision.  Opening his Belltown store was a struggle with a delayed opening, contending with zoning sanctions.  The Greenwood store coped with an attempted robbery, fortunately without incident.  Conquering adversity seems to be a regular thing for Have a Heart.  One thing’s for sure, obstacles withstanding, this heart has found success in its customer first model and operates today with 6 shops sustaining and thriving.

Joints as tall as you theme park size

Have a Heart stores have roots in medical marijuana since 2011 that have translated and sustain from those days.  The budtenders at Have a Heart are qualified to medical standards and treat patrons like patients where individual need and consideration is made.  Foundation courses are a part of every budtender’s training.  The courses are constantly updated and provide budtenders with the strongest base possible to share in making informed decisions regarding your purchasing and consuming experiences.  Owner Ryan Kunkel values his ambassadors of cannabis.  Rightly so, budtenders motivate your bottom line but that is aside from Ryan’s reasoning.  He is determined to right all the faults he’s found in his lifetime of work and pay the folks under his employ what they are worth.  That investment goes a long way in an ever-competitive recreational cannabis market.  The huge upside is you are directly the benefactor of excellent service.  The Have a Heart motto stands with a customer focused experience of comfort, professionalism, safety and primary goal of providing the best service possible to all.

Belltown 115 Blanchard St. Seattle, WA 98121
206.588.2436  Everyday  8a - 11:45p

Bothell 22624 Meridian Ave S Suite B Bothell, WA 98021
425.375.2191  M - SA  8a - 10p  SU  10a - 7p

Fremont 316 N. 36th Street Seattle, WA 98103​
206.632.7126  M - T  9a - 10p  W - SU  9a - 11:45p

​Greenwood 300 NW 85th St. Seattle, WA 98117

206.708.7443  Everyday  8a - 11:45p

Skyway 12833 MLK Jr Way S. Seattle, WA 98178

206.258.3331  M - SA  8a - 11:45p  SU  8a - 10p

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