Enter the Greenside

And exit a happy Mos Eisley Cantina clam.  Our fellow nerf herders like things fun and professional at Greenside Recreational.  Treating their employees to a private premiere Star Wars screening, posting neat instructionals like how to make an apple pipe and how to roll a blunt, I got to say, we dig your style.  Greenside is one of Seattle’s first rec shops and we’re proud to be stocked by this classy outfit.

They carry a host of quality flower, concentrates, edibles and the like.  Dave and Seth are Old Skool bringing their tenured taste and wisdom to the public.  Don’t hesitate to stop in and stuff your sunshine bag with some of the daaank side.

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Community involvement, family atmosphere and friendly service is their creed.  They have two locations, one in Des Moines and one in Lake City.  Having serviced the medical community for some time they’ve translated their values for the recreational arena with stellar results.  

​​Seattle 9804 Lake City Way NE #1 Seattle, WA 98125

206.522.4145  M - TH 9a - 10p  F - SA 9a - 11p  S 9a - 8p

Greenside Recreational

Des Moines 23407 Pacific Hwy S Des Moines, WA 98198

206.878.6470  M - SA 9a - 10p  S 10a - 8p

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