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Collective is a strange suffix, at first, but a visit to the city and a happy experience will make it all make sense.  Merit goes to a business model that prides itself on delivering consistent quality for the right price and a desire to build not only a business but a culture and community that exemplifies marijuana.  I can collectively get behind that.

We built this city…

Green City takes a no frills approach and for some it takes away some of the cachet that some retailers are going for.  No knock on the shops trying to elevate the industry and bring some legitimacy to the business but I can appreciate a place that focuses less on aesthetics and more on customer service.  That’s not to say that attention to detail hasn’t been paid, there’s a crafty charm to the city’s display cases.  Sometimes the little things with character are the most endearing.  More importantly the commitment to personal attention and satisfaction wins high marks with us.  Keep rockin’, rollin’ and reppin' green!

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Green City Collective

Green City Collective is a rec’ shop in Everett that’s flipped over from medical and running solid.  That’s in large part credited to strong choices in inventory that carry uncanny value and a spot on service staff.   Knowledgeable and objective budtenders are tough to come by but Green City is thriving because they understand what our recreational market needs-  transparency, conviction to stand behind product valued for it’s true worth and honest concern for their customers.  

​​​​​Everett ​13601 Highway 99, Unit B Everett, WA 98204


M - SA 9a - 10p  S 10a - 9p