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Longview 971 14th Ave Longview, WA 98632
360.703.3229  Everyday  8a - midnight

Kelso 820A West Side Hwy Kelso, WA 98626
360.636.0420  Everyday  8a - midnight

Ilwaco 133 Howerton Way Ilwaco, WA 98624
360.261.7200  Everyday  8a - 8p

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Freedom Lives

Freedom Markets are 502 stores on the southwest side of the state that are providing high quality marijuana products in a clean, safe and friendly environment.  Quality standards are maintained by their enthusiastic, passionate and just plain good at what they do team.  They are active, honest and love to motivate the cannabis community with charm.  Events like Freedom Fest promoting local music, stylish clothing and appreciation for the great outdoors represents the cannabis culture proper.  Clean and safe is subjective.  What Freedom has garnered is trust and that drives their continued success.  Not to take the virtues of clean and safe away but a call to these standards is a testament to Freedom’s commitment to its patrons.  Friendly is Freedom’s middle name and a visit to any of their shops will win your heart if a welcome, warm and knowledgeable experience is what you’re looking for.  Because they do a great job at curating product all their budtenders need to worry about is making sure they’re caring for you properly and personally.  They do a stellar job at that.

The Freedom Market


Freedom Markets serve you with three locations in Southwest Washington, Kelso, Longview and their newest addition Ilwaco!  The markets are outfitted with a premium selection of Washington’s cannabis goods, sweet gear, local sourced glass and quality paraphernalia.  Freedom may be three hours south of us but they hold our confidence in being a shining star and representing some of the best pioneer has to offer on the south side of the state and growing, wink.