A step inside and you’re welcomed with smiles, down home staff and choice selection of bud and the like.  The atmosphere’s a warm one with an exchange that parallels picking up a sack from a longtime buddy.  Just the way we prefer, a happy run to refill the stores and a pleasant conversation shootin’ the shiz.  Love and giggles go out to Lisa and Brad, thanks for the support and pleasure of doing better business.  Keeping it casual and giving you the straight dope drop by Cascade for your daily fire.

To the top of Pilchuck, a stone's throw to the Pacific

Toting a pot of luck, lost in nothing specific

Ear on the wind, step after step

Fond memories and good vibes well kept

Roads high and low, mosey without a stop

Think I’ll swing by to peep and chief the Krop

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​​​​​19129 Smokey Point Blvd., Suite B Arlington, WA 98223


M - SA 10a - 9p  S 10a - 6p​​

Ode to the Cascades

Cascade Kropz


Cheers to the fam at Cascade Kropz.  One of our first of kin to peddle our wares, in like fashion they make Arlington home.  Cascade is tucked in a non-descript nook of town with a speakeasy feel.  A trip down a dusty gravel road by a building materials yard and a little green building full of goodies.  

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